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Corporate Travel Management

Book a Hotel Deal also offers a unique solution for events organisers and attendees to book hotels in vicinity of the event location at guaranteed discounted prices.

Every client’s requirements are tailor made to deliver value for money travel and save the company valuable time. We aim to achieve this by using visionary travel technology and round the clock service.


Responsible Business

We are conscious of the economic, social and environmental impact of our business vis-à-vis the travel industry. It is hence our aim to promote and sell travel that respects human rights, the environment and social equality, while implementing eco-friendly practices.

Duty of Care

Your company’s biggest asset, your employees; are our prime responsibility. We provide complete duty of care from advising about live travel updates based on destinations your company require to travel.

Whilst travelers are on duty we can immediately contact individuals and ensure their safety. Travelers can also reach our customer services through phone, email, chat and Whatsapp.

We are with you on every stage of your journey.


At Book a Hotel Deal we have set up several environmentally friendly initiatives to reduce the impact we as a business. One of our recent creations has led us to introduce flexible working locations, in order to lower carbon footprint amongst our employees across the world.


We strive to ensure that all women and men are equally represented, valued and rewarded at all levels of seniority, and that all our people are given equal privileges, rights and opportunities to succeed. We encourage internal mobility and work with our employees to map out their individual paths to success. We believe as a global player in the travel industry that we have the opportunity to lead the way and bring about change to this sector.

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