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Book a Hotel Deal provides an array of travel services to ensure you save on all components of travel.



Book a Hotel Deal offers saving on over 1 million hotels around the world. Designed with an intuitive booking process and all the required information

Variety of Product

From a range of hotels and apartments we can offer a range of products to match every traveler’s needs. Guests can choose from budget to mid-range or luxury hotels. Travelling for long lengths of stay, we can also negotiate apartment prices

Rich Content – all the way

Every stage of the customer journey has been highlighted keeping the traveler in mind. Hotels are listed in proximity of your office locations thereby helping travelers to save time and overall travel spend.

Our hotels are listed with quality and updated content, this helps travelers gather as much information about their hotel thereby allowing to make an informed decision.

Hotel Price guarantee

You will always receive the lowest hotel prices as we ensure our savings from our buying power are passed onto our clients. To make sure we’re always giving customers the best rates, our hotel price guarantee means if you find your hotel stay for cheaper elsewhere, we’ll match the price

Value Addition

Our strong global negotiation strength, we’re able to include value added extras in our rates, such as included meals or free room upgrades, giving further savings to your business.


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