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Before you book

If you are unable to find a particular destination, we may supply hotels offline. Contact us info@bookahoteldeal.com to help you find that place you have been looking for.

Simply enter the code in the search box and the prices will automatically detect the discount percentage and apply it to all hotel prices.

Your promo code may have expired. If your code is still valid and the discount does not apply, please contact us on phone / email / chat.

We will try securing child rate until 15 years of age as hotels have different policies. Please contact us.

You may either make this reservation in 2 batches or email us to request a group rate from the hotel.

At times your preferred hotel may have run out of deals, if you are not able to find it online, please Contact us as we may be able to get you that last deal.

Your voucher will have a code which must be entered in the promo code whilst searching for your destination.

If you spot some incorrect hotel information – we Thank You for bringing this to our attention and we will endeavour to get it rectified by the soonest. If some information is missing, contact us to find this information for you.

These hotels have been selected by our guests as top selling hotels for each destination based on quality, prices, discount we offered, location of hotel. It’s usually our bestselling hotel prices…sshhh.

If your preferred area is missing we request you to find the surrounding areas to get more results.

This means your card will be charged as soon as the reservation is processed and this reservation cannot be cancelled and if cancelled you're amount charged will not be refunded by the hotel. At times we are able to make exceptions based on circumstances however this is at the discretion of our supplier.

The prices shown are per room and we display total prices. Yes VAT is included in the price. Some cities do charge city tax which must be paid to the reception upon check in.

Never, will we charge you a fee for reservation.

You’ll need a valid credit card to guarantee your reservation when making a reservation online. If you make a reservation offline we can offer you Book Now, Pay Later option and payment can be done by a bank transfer.

We only use a secure connection for your reservation and follow online transaction industry standards and are 100% PCI complaint.

If the hotel does allow smoking rooms, we will try to get you one, just point it to us at the time of reservation.

This should be mentioned in the hotel profile page.

This package is usually offered by resort hotels. It includes price of the room, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This package includes just the price of accommodation and VAT.

Means the hotel room rate includes breakfast.

This term refers to a package that includes price of the room, breakfast and a lunch or dinner.

We book thousands of rooms worldwide every year; this helps us get the best rates just for our members.

Nada, never, none whatsoever – we offer a completely free service.

Please enter the discount in the promo code section in the homepage. Your discounted rates will automatically apply.

VAT is included in the rate displayed.

You will not be paying any additional fees when booking a hotel deal.

You may either do this by logging into you're account and click under Bookings tab or email us on reservations@bookahoteldeal.com

Please call us on 08443103786 and also drop a quick line to info@bookahoteldeal.com. We request you to be seated in the lobby and we will retrieve your reservation. You will get a complete explanation for the reason of the missing reservation.

It's best to speak with the hotel reception and if they are not being very helpful, please let us know as soon as you check in. It's very difficult to come to a compromise if we are made aware of this after departure.

After you book

Just your confirmation voucher, and ofcourse your toothbrush.

If your hotel reservation is refundable, we will refund your card and rebook at lower prices. You should advise us if hotel prices decrease.

Your hotel confirmation is sent as soon as you complete the reservation. Incase you have not received it, please do check your spam / junk folder and add us to your safety list.

The hotel will try to check you in before standard check in time if they have rooms available. If not then you can surely leave your luggage with them and come back when the room will be ready.

We would like to give you a full refund however, every hotel has a different policy and because they give us such good deals, we respect their policies. Please see cancellation terms and conditions on your confirmation voucher.

If you have not paid for your reservation at the time, don't worry we will contact you a week before the cancellation deadline to remind you for payment.

We would have attempted atleast thrice to contact you and we have only cancelled your hotel reservation on the day of deadline. If you would like to retain your reservation we will try with the hotel but do let us know by email or phone.

During your stay

At times, hotels do book extra rooms which they are not supposed to. We will try to keep your reservation at the hotel, however this is left at discretion of the hotel. If they do move you to another hotel, the least you will be offered by the hotel is transfer charges and a hotel of similar or better quality.

Please immediately contact the hotel and security team. If items are of huge values, please also inform the local police.

This would be just to guarantee for any additional consumption while at the hotel like mini bar, phone calls, and restaurant meals. We request you to use a credit card as with a debit card the deposit amount will be removed from your account and thereafter refunded which could take upto 3-5 working days.

If the hotel does not have the same room type available they should offer you an upgraded room at no extra charges.

After your stay

We would like to know about your time spent with us and even more at the hotel. At this stage we do not publish any of your feedback; however we keep record internally to rank our hotel lists.

We have partnered with Trip advisor, the world's largest hotel review website. We request you to leave your feedback on this website and it will feature on ours too.

Feel free to browse and find your best hotel deal. If it’s not available contact us and let us know, we will find you that hotel.

We would like you to come back for your next hotel stay and it’s our friendly reminder. If you wish to stop receiving these emails please unsubscribe on the bottom of the email.