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It's all about you

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Free Service

It is our aim to help you reduce expenses on travel. We thus offer a complimentary service for all our travel products. Traditional travel company’s charge a fee per reservation and with the development in technology we are able to offer the same service at better prices without any fees.


BookaHotelDeal offers savings both on prices and time. The travel domain is a dynamic market with several prices across various channels. We offer a guaranteed saving by securing the lowest prices for you. Our Global buying power enables us to get discounted prices and we pass on the savings to our clients.

Arranging travel can be quite time consuming, with our dedicated travel team you will also save on time. Lets us do the work for you.

No Contract

No commitment from your side, simply experience our service. As you are not tied onto a contract (unless you do require one) you will always be guaranteed of our top quality service and prices in line with the market. If you do have an existing travel supplier, this solution makes it easier for you to switch by giving us a try without any commitment.


Adaptable technology integrated to our ever evolving industry...

Flexible Payments

Choose a payment method that best suits your needs. Refundable reservations can be paid just prior to the cancellation deadline which means you do not need to commit to payment at the time of reservation. If your company does set up a credit account then its even easier for travelers to make reservations within the set policies defined by the company

Bespoke Solutions

Your travel plan is customised to suit your needs.

Dedicated Team

Your Company will be serviced by an Account Manager to help strategise travel plans and your travellers will have a dedicated team of travel counsellors

Responsible Business

Duty of care for travellers is our utmost importance